When the packaging’s part of the present

Finished! Toy sack that doubles as gift-wrapping for the mokopuna‘s* Christmas gift.

I am trying to reduce the amount of packaging waste I generate, and while I can’t do anything about the plastic and cardboard encasing the little one’s train set, I figured I could at least deliver it in something useful.

‘Cos seriously, what boy doesn’t collect stuff?

*mokopuna (often shortened to moko) is the Maori word for a young grandchild, niece, nephew — or in our case, first cousin twice removed.

Isn’t moko so much nicer.

33 thoughts on “When the packaging’s part of the present

    • Thank you Jude. I not sure how financially viable it is, but I’m beginning to think I should find a way. Designing these things, and building a few prototypes (limited editions 😂😂) is just waay too much fun.


    • Thank you. Maori is brilliant as a language of inclusion — moko covers many variations on the same adult-child relationship, and whanau encompasses family is a very broad sense.
      Given the way humans create meaning through language, I try to use these inclusive terms as much as possible.

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