Grateful for so much

Early morning on an almost-deserted beach. Blue sky, mild temperature. Water clean enough to swim (or paddle-board) in; almost no litter on the beach.

I am here. Conveyed in my modern, reliable car to an uncharacteristically empty car park. I can walk; unaided, unmolested, unafraid. I can breathe the air, think my thoughts, listen to my music and exchange pleasantries with fellow walkers.

Later I can go home. I have a home. I have a family and friends, a garden and a kitchen. Later, there will be food on my table, and people to share it with.

So many reasons to be grateful.

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39 thoughts on “Grateful for so much

  1. Whenever I am feeling down or stressed, I focus on gratitude. I learned it in yoga class, and it has made a big difference. It can almost always transform my mood.

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    • I do get pretty tied up in feeling cross that I have so much when others are really doing it tough. Then I get frustrated at not being able to do more about the big stuff thatโ€™s behind al, the little things … then I try to remember that me not enjoying a walk on the beach isnโ€™t going to help anyone. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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  2. Indeed. Gratitude for EVERY TINIEST LITTLE THING….. I too find that I’ve become even more grateful for all the ‘goodies’ of my daily life since I’m no longer too stressed with duties. Was it Oscar Wilde who said: Youth is wasted on the young ones…. ?! I wouldn’t change any more with a younger person. I only sometimes (often) wish I had more energy (think Jane Fonda!!!) Ha….

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  3. This is beautiful! I had the same thought this week after a hike: how lucky am I to be able to walk up this trail. To be able bodied and of sound mind. I will try to remember your sentiment as I get on with work. (And maybe plan to have something yummy for dinner.)

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  4. As I walked through bluebells this evening with the sun setting in a perfect blue sky, the only noise was from singing birds and I felt so lucky to have all this beauty around me. In spite of the pain of my sciatica and the fact that I was hobbling rather than walking, I am happy to be where I am right now.

    (As your beaches empty, ours fill!)

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  5. Perfectly expressed, Su! I can echo every sentence you wrote. There’s much to be thankful for, we sometimes only need some time to reflect on it. Getting older is helping me to see this simple but important truth.

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