Flying high

img_4523 Paraglider with backing group of gannets; Muriwai Beach, NZ. Image: Su Leslie 2018

I’m not great with heights (or danger), so while part of me would love to experience the world the way that flying birds do, I don’t think I’ll be signing up for any of the adventure sports that involve hurling myself off a cliff with some ropes and a big hankie to keep me safe.

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26 thoughts on “Flying high

  1. Sue,
    Fabulous photographs, you know I love bird photographs so I’m easy to please here.
    Like you I have a fear of danger, probably because i’m so accident prone that that ‘one in a million accident” will probably be me!
    On the other hand i’d love to be able to fly, the freedom and the speed of being able to go directly from “A” to “B” would be fabulous: I’m secretly jealous of birds in that respect.

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  2. Gannetts are amazing! I’m with you, hurtling downward faster than a speeding bullet is awesome to watch, but a bit too thrilling for me to want to do!

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