Images, words, memories, meanings


Image: Su Leslie

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words” — Destin Sparks 

One of the things I’ve learned about photography — in part from the sharing of images here on WP — is how much everyone who views an image brings their own stories to what they see.

We all make sense of the world in different ways. Sometimes words help us understand;  and sometimes it is enough to read light and colour and shape and composition.

What served in the place of the photograph, before the camera’s invention? The expected answer is the engraving, the drawing, the painting. The more revealing answer might be: memory. – John Berger


Image: Su Leslie


Shared to Debbie’s weekly quote-inspired image project at Travel with Intent.


47 thoughts on “Images, words, memories, meanings

  1. Oh yes, the minute I saw that first photo I had a vivid image of my dear old Mam, now long gone, sitting with her morning cuppa reading letters I had sent from when I lived in NZ and she was thousands of miles away in UK. Memories still strong in my mind.

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      • WP. I’m not on Instagram. The street photographer snaps this image and he sees the rest of the picture. I only see that split second. And the imagination goes wild….knowing the truth is probably the most fun. It’s never anywhere near what my wicked mind produces!

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  2. I love both of these, Su, but the first evokes “Bring out the comfy chair” which always sets me to laughing, inside if not outside and sometimes both. It would take a braver woman than I to balance a cup and saucer on the arm of my chair, even one with arms this wide. But it does make a lovely shot, especially with the letters. (Letters? What are those???)


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