Portraits of the mundane

abstract whisk_ small

Image: Su Leslie 2020

I started 2020 with, if not resolutions, then written intentions. One was to take more portraits — partly to improve my technical skills and partly to force me to engage with people more.

Oh well, there’s always next year for the people part. And in the meantime, I am using this week’s Lens-Artists’ Photo Challenge with its theme of everyday objects to make ‘portraits of the mundane.’

31 thoughts on “Portraits of the mundane

    • Thanks Tina. I took all the photos this week, specifically in response to the challenge. I’d been faffing about trying to find a theme or organising principle for the challenge, then I mentioned to a friend about my portrait resolution … and everything fell into place.

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  1. Great collection, Su! Your new year’s resolution made me smile. A lot of plans upended this year. But I like how you’re now including portraits of ordinary things. Kudos to you for your flexibility. I love the lighting in your shots and the bold contrast between the dark background and each object. The tape measure and the whisk in your header really grabbed my attention. I’m still thinking about it and how you created it! Great work, Su.

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  2. I also especially like the whisk, but they’re all wonderful. Do you have a piece of black cloth for the background? I really need to pick up a few pieces of material or something to use as backgrounds. It can make all the difference. I used a white wall at our other house but this one has molding around the bottom of the walls, so that doesn’t work too well. πŸ™‚



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