Monday Macro

First flowers. Image: Su Leslie 2020

About this time last year, the Big T and returned from a road trip to Whanganui, carrying a hydrangea bush, gifted by my step-mother from her garden.

“How to travel with a hydrangea”. Image: Su Leslie 2019

Somehow, it survived two nights in a motel bathroom, a 350km car ride, and twelve months in my care.

46 thoughts on “Monday Macro

    • Thanks Wendy. Although I have to confess I have managed to kill two biggish plants, and not one of my cuttings has ever taken.

      I’m seriously impressed by your hydrangea success.

      Wishing you and the whanau a Meri Kirihimete


  1. Same to you and yours Su.
    I have a gardener gene so can’t take too much credit for my successes. Despite my worst efforts, most things still thrive. Good growing conditions don’t hurt either (-:
    All the best for 2021.

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