20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: pretty in pink

      • I have never had manuka honey but was just looking at some yesterday – it was almost 25 bucks – and I think I can find it cheeper online. anyhow, heard it has amazing healing vitamins too – more than any other honey. looks sweet and dark as molasses – I bet you use less of it in tea – hm ?

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      • It is amazing stuff, but there is some sort of “goodness” classification system with the really medicinal honey at the high end of the spectrum … which is reflected in the price. I buy a little bit of that for when we’re sick and lots of lesser manuka honey for tea and spreading on toast. 🙂


      • well that makes sense not honey is created qual and not all manuka honey is the same quality. I learned this with neem oil this summer. I usually just used Now food neem oil (was healing up from a skin problem and it helped so much) but I ran out and had to grab some from the local vitamin shop real quick – and the kind they had said the best in the world – and wow – it was. So while I had effective good quality stuff – I realized this other brand (“Neem Aura”) was truly superior – anyhow, I look forward to trying manuka honey.

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    • You do know I’m hopeless with plants – especially names. I’ve only recently got beyond “you know, the pink one …” I thought japonica meant Japanese? My mum’s a gardener and I’m an enthusiastic optimist 🙂


  1. What a fabulous and pleasing floral composite dear Su ! It looks absolutely gorgeous with the blurred backdrop !!! Is it the tree bees visit and then you have the famous manuca honey ? Love and hugs as always, Doda 🙂 ✿✿✿

    PS :To be honest,I was thinking of you today as it is a very Big Day for Scotland …

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    • Hello Doda. Thank you so much. Yes this is the source of manuka honey. I am so nervous today about Scotland’s referendum. New Zealand has a general election on Saturday, and although it affects me much more, I am less nervous about that. Hugs to you my friend; lovely to have you back.

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  2. I don’t know anything abut neem oil. I’ve seen neem soap and shampoo in a few little grocery stores, but didn’t know it was used for healing. My son has eczema, so thank you for introducing me to something new that we might be able to treat it with. Cheers, Su. 🙂


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