15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Aaaah, they are the best! We worked 3 days in the very badly neglected garden of our house in France and on one morning I spied the first very large flower opened up of a summer magnolia…. I call them that because they have flowers only in summer and few per tree. The spring ones bloomed in mid February in France and there were zillions of pinkish-whiteish glorious beauties……

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      • We never experienced that slimy part – but of course here it’s summer and in our region (where we lived in F) summers are very dry and very hot – in fact too hot for my liking…. So they flourish for a much too short time and then the petals just turn brown and shrivel – I do love the ‘cones’ that form afterwards. They make magnificent decorations during winter.


    • We acquired the tree in a boundary change and I have to say that I don’t love it. The flowers are great for a day, then turn into a slushy mess on the ground. The leaves do make good mulch though 🤨

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